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Training - Are your staff best prepared to support your organization?


Do you support your staff to deal with challenging situations, or to promote the most positive customers experience?


Insight Risk Management provides a process of developing your staff to maintain your legal obligations, provide staff an opportunity to grow within your organisation or deal with specific factors affecting your business operation.


Investing in you staff can increase their contribution to the companies responsibilities while ensuring they are properly prepared to represent the business and your customers interests.


These courses provide a level of preparation in your staff making them a more confident and valued team member.



What is available to you and your team?


Further to our standard packages, we frequently prepare bespoke packages relevant to your own operation:


Training to suit


Experienced Tutors / Practical Training / Exceptional Pass Rates / Certification Provided / For Officers / For Staff /

Productive Tailored Bespoke Packages

Insight Risk Management Training

 First Aid

Counter Terrorism

Fire Marshalling

The law stipulates that all organisations must have provision that is “adequate and appropriate in the circumstances”. Identifying the need is the employer’s responsibility


Insight Risk Management provides a range of first aid training courses for your staff with a choice of:


·         1 day Emergency First Aid at Work

·         3 day First Aid at Work

·         4 Day Responder

·         Defibrillator Heart Start

Specialist courses are also available, please ask for details.

This threat remains an ongoing concern.

Educating your staff in Terrorism awareness such as identifying suspicious activity through to choosing actions in an emergency can save lives, inside or outside the work environment.

From basic level general staff to advanced modules for your security team, this counter terrorism package is developed using real life examples of terrorist incidents and developing your staff to combat terrorism as well as other forms of crime.



Promoting a safe environment for staff visitors and your guests is a legal obligation under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


The 2 available courses range from a 4 hour course for staff in recognising the responsibilities in the prevention and management, to a 10 hour course for managers in identifying and assessing for the risks.



Event Dynamics

Manual Handling

Conflict Management

Contracting in the services of a security company to handle all aspects of people movement at an event is not an option for all companies.


Extending the training of security officers into non security staff makes the best potential of existing staff to ensure your event is a success.


Tailored to either front line staff or the managers involved in the planning and preparation of an event. This course provides knowledge in planning event security with risk assessment, crowd management, access control, asset security, personal body guarding and a variety of other event security items. The course benefits small discreet to high profile corporate events.


These courses can be tailored to your own venue and assist in building a complete events plan formulae.


In 2012/13 5.2 million days were lost, each averaging 8.1 days off from work per injury (Health and Safety Executive 2013).


If you expect or instruct your staff to handle and move objects you have an obligation to their safety.


There is a wide range of availability in this subject with basic and advanced courses spanning a range of specific workplaces and activities including retail, carers, manufacturing and general workplace.


Courses are available from 4 hours for a basic introduction, to 40 hours.

Conflict can result in assault or ongoing staff disruption and lost days through stress. Conflict Management is necessary for small situations to larger situations with confrontational risk of harm.


This course is also part of the Security Industry Authority approved programme for conflict management .


This course is aimed at the handling and de-escalation conflict for the good of all involved, especially in professions where conflict is a regular potential.


This course is also of particular value in improving customer service and relations.


The level 2 course is 14 hours.



Personal Safety Training

Health and Safety

Customer Service

This training session has been prepared for investment in worker safety both while at work and for use in personal time. If a staff member becomes a victim of crime it can have a consequential impact on that person’s mental state and may result in time off.


This course makes people more aware of the potential indicators of crime against the person and teaches them how to avoid situations altogether.


The session can also cover simple but effective physical techniques to provide the window for escape or to break away from a hold.


The course can be delivered in 1 hour depending on the size of group and any specific focus related to the staff work.

Failing to reach the standards and legislative obligations can result in imprisonment and unlimited fines.


Having staff trained that are able to identify short fallings in this obligation can support your organisation by preventing the worst case of injury or worse and avoid unnecessary losses associated with legal and emotional situations.


There is a wide range of availability in this subject with basic and advanced courses spanning a range of specific workplaces and activities including retail, carers, manufacturing and general workplace.


Courses range from 4 to 40 hours and start from basic level staff to managers

Realising you front line staff are responsible for representing the organisations image, this course is tailored towards gaining the best advantage from every client interaction to leave a satisfying and lasting perception.


This course can be delivered from a minimum 4 hours upwards depending on your operation.


Physical Intervention 

Designed for frontline security officers, care home worker and staff who have to deal with problem populations in their everyday work; this course provides methods of protecting themselves and others, and preventing a situation from escalating by using care and restraint.


It outlines the legal use of force before any techniques are taught and provides the learners with a toolbox of techniques with specific focus on when the techniques could and should be used.


A range of courses are available and are tailored to the need including handcuffing and the use of soft cuffs. This can also include the deployment of Red Web, a DNA profiled pressurised marker spray for security officers.


Evacuation and Emergency Preparation

Emergency preparation extending beyond the basic building evacuation, this course is designed to make those responsible for taking charge in directing staff to safety.


Preparing the emergency kit and having contingencies in place for protecting the organisations most important assets – its employees.


This course has proven particularly popular with locations in city areas.

Courses can be delivered at one of our pre-arranged centres, or at your own workplace depending on your geography and group size.



What if my needs aren’t straight forward?


Much of our work is completed in response to a new specific need of staff or a contract. We have a wide experience in developing bespoke courses to meet specific requirements. This is developed and delivered in response to new contracts or provided to existing staff, security and otherwise to provide investment up skilling.


You can request a training needs assessment from one of our experts who can look at your specific operations and examine your exposure to risk. Your training package could be made from a combination of our existing portfolio or developed in a more bespoke fashion.

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