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Our Services

Our Range of Services

Insight Risk Management has a range of services developed from years of experience and constant up skilling of our workforce.


All of the services provide on-going support and quality control which varies from:

Our Experience


We strive constantly and diligently to provide you a service which will give you the peace of mind to continue operations unhindered, safe in the knowledge you are fully supported by a tried and tested structure.

Manned Deployment

  • A Security Officer database covering basic to high end corporate staff, all experienced and all appropriately licensed under British Law.

  • A range of services including Close Protection, Events, Residential, Venue and Asset Protection.

  • Regular site visits both scheduled and ad-hoc as part of an on-going Staff Development and Quality Monitoring Programme.

  • Access to your own database of officer performance records using one of our online information access systems.

  • A range of personnel carefully selected with the qualifications and experience to meet your precise requirements.

  • A thorough briefing and training process for officers, assuring you of the optimum preparation to support your business, far exceeding the statutory requirement. 



Consulting Packages

  • A clear and concise Security Consulting process is presented, carefully taking into consideration your own expectations, financial position, appetite for risk and a thorough and transparent investigation reporting the influencing factors to your position.

  • Experienced consulting personnel with real insight into your operation through a vast array of individual specialities.

  • Service delivery maintained in line with the highest benchmark of Security Consultancy, British Standard 8549-2006.


Training Packages

  • A range of security training programmes that provide high end frontline skills available to both officers and your own staff.

  • Experienced tutors who provide a supportive, productive learning environment.

  • Tutors with years of experience in their respective discipline.

  • Lessons based on essential frontline practical elements opposed to large quantities of unnecessary theory.

  • A range in methods of delivery, tailored to the target audience.

  • Bespoke packages tailored to the precise nature of your operation.

  • Exceptional pass rates.

  • Certification provided to all participants for their portfolio.


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