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Corporate Manned Security

Is your current supplier saving you money, preventing loss and upholding the reputation you have worked for?


Security need not be deemed as a ‘necessary evil’ cost. When properly prepared your team will form an integral element of your overall business operation through a wider skill set compared to competitors; supporting your legal statutory obligations, operating an environmentally supportive process, preventing loss and being an ambassador of your reputation are the benefits.


Depending on the operation you have, your security team can actually generate revenue for your business! Please contact us for details.


Insight Risk Management has experience of providing manpower to a wide variety of sites ranging from prestigious 5 star environments with a discerning clientele, to rundown vacant premises in the prevention of break in, vandalism and unwanted persons taking occupancy. Our specialist services have worked in remote locations facing regular organised crime and mitigating against losses through protest action.


The range of manpower can elevate from the basic duties of a retail store officer to the exacting level of experience and qualification gained from the Armed Forces, Police Service or High Level Private Sector. It is a case of matching the officer requirements to the needs of the venue or task, working with your own expectations and budget level.


Your Account Manager will use insight into the specific nature of your location and operation to create a bespoke package, supporting your legal requirements of safety towards your staff customers and visitors.


Your team can be equipped with a range of certificated skills allowing your officers to take on additional duties and responsibilities which can save you money and time, including:


  • Fire Marshalling

  • First Aid

  • Crowd Management

  • Evacuation Marshalling

  • CCTV Monitoring

  • Traffic Marshalling

  • Access Control Systems

  • Search Procedures

  • Customer Service




What should you expect from your Security Provider?


The full potential of the service range that security staff can offer is frequently overlooked. A value for money security team will provide you with duties which provide added value to your service and can include additional duties that can be incorporated in the security routine, saving you time and money and providing increased value for you.


  • Support in achieving your legal obligations in Health and Safety Legislation.

  • A front of house presence to be proud of, representing your business and the on-going reputation and customer experience of your enterprise.

  • Service level monitoring to ensure a consistently high standard.

  • A routine of your officers duties, professionally tailored to mitigate problems associated with incident or loss.

  • A thorough preparation process for all officer assignments with your approval before becoming procedure.

  • A straightforward reporting procedure that is clear and simple enabling staff to mitigate problems in the shortest times.


Various uniform packages are available in line with the nature and environments of operation which account for your image, welfare and safety obligations.


Prevention is better than cure. Our insight provides the experience to avoid unnecessary risk and enable smooth continual operations, even throughout potentially difficult periods and incidents.


Your Consultants, Teachers, Engineers and Deployed Officers are provided with all the tools they need to present and support your company with consistently high standards and are well supported by dedicated management communications; this is our commitment to upholding the standards of your service.


More information regarding the specific roles your team can take to support your legal and business operations, as well as being a valuable source of income is available on request.

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We are here to help with our wealth of experience and professional integrity.


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