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Your event portrays your brand image and customer opinion, who is promoting your reputation and upholding your legal and Health and Safety obligations? 


We know the impact that security can have on your event from the initial planning stages, meeting the local authorities and legal obligations, to the first contact your guests have with your event.

Insight Risk Management Events

Insight Events Security is experienced in supporting your event seamlessly in a professional, efficient and helpful manner, upholding your reputation at all times.

The core elements at the centre of any Insight event are:


  • Safety of your guests

  • Your customer’s experience

  • Supporting stakeholders

  • Supporting the smooth running of your event

Insight Risk Management Fashion Shows
Insight Risk Management Fashion Shows
Insight Risk Management Concerts
Insight Risk Management Racing

The experience begins at the entrance. Effective queue and traffic management, minimising waiting time and stoppages with a well presented, smooth well informed team and entry process.


A thorough planning process including stakeholders such as local authority, emergency services, health and safety, production, facilities and a host of contractors are commonplace for Insight. 

Our Experience

Insight Events have experience working across a broad spectrum of styles and sizes of event including:


  • Global company AGMs and Corporate Functions

  • Fashion Shows

  • Premiers

  • Awards ceremonies

  • Charity fundraisers i.e. auctions, sponsored experiences

  • Private birthday and young adult coming of age celebrations

  • Weddings, British and international cultures

  • Sporting events

  • Large scale media events

  • Music and cultural Festivals

  • Private, discreet, corporate and political meetings





We have experience working in a variety of venues including:


  • Hotels

  • Iconic sites

  • Private houses

  • Open air parks

  • Corporate offices

  • Historical buildings

  • Venues with a high focus on health and safety



Through years of experience ranging from small private corporate meetings to large outdoor festivals and everything in between, Insight is aware of the key issues that directly influence your guest’s experience.


Positive practice we have learned through this vast experience is so often overlooked by our competitors; this attention to detail is the difference with Insight.


Our seasoned experience has resulted in consistently positive guest feedback, leading to repeat business with customers built up over years of trust and confidence.

Our Staff

From a single Corporate Officer to a complete deployment of a range of staff, the full suite of services includes:


  • Entry Control Teams

  • Security Officers in licensed alcohol sales areas

  • Stewards

  • Medics and the full range of equipment

  • Pit Crews

  • Performer and VIP Close Protection Officers

  • Response Teams

  • Fire Marshalls and the full range of equipment

  • Security and Detection Dogs

  • Traffic Management Officers


For smaller events where cost saving is an issue, our specialist multi-skilled officers can save you time and money.

Event Security Planning and Management

The complete Event Security planning and preparation package includes:


  • Risk Assessment

  • Manpower distribution plans

  • Staff briefing documents

  • Assessment of crowd dynamics and management plan

  • Entry control procedures in line with risk assessment

  • Traffic Management

  • Liaison with local authorities

  • Liaison with emergency services

  • Compliance and continual liaison with Health and Safety Officer

Compliance with Health and Safety Law

There is a duty placed on event organisers to fulfil legal Health and Safety obligations. While in many cases this is a minimal commitment, larger events or specific venues have specific factors involved in the organiser’s duty of care.


Insight is highly experienced in events where a close relationship with Health and Safety is essential in satisfying the legal, local council and emergency services requirements.


Insight Events has had experience working with some of the pre-eminent Health and Safety consultancies in London where large scale and high level risk factors have required a specific element of specialist planning and management.


This has led to long term professional relationships through reassurance that pertinent factors are covered consistently as standard.


Before you hold your next event, ask yourself these questions:


What impression does your security company make on your guests and overall reputation of your company or event?Is your provider aware of their responsibilities regarding Health and Safety Law?Are you losing sales revenue through unauthorised entry?Will your guests receive a positive service that they will remember and talk positively about?Will you experience a costly or embarrassing mistake that was not considered in planning? Contact us now for a no obligation discussion about your upcoming events and see what a difference Insight Events Security can make for you.


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