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Consultancy Services

Does your security advisor have real Insight?


Is he or she appropriately qualified and experienced, or are you taking advice from an unqualified source, potentially costing you time, money and reputation?

Security is not purely common sense practice. It is a profession based on research, statistics, informed threat assessments and tried and tested mitigation strategies.
Our ethics and principals are firmly rooted in providing you with the information to make an informed decision. We offer completely objective and dispassionate advice in all cases.
Insight Security Consulting is delivered by professionals with a complete understanding through a combination of:


  • Specific recognised qualifications – Providing a qualified knowledge base.

  • Experience – Working in the planning and implementation of strategies where stakeholder consultation has been required.

  • Front line experience in delivery of strategy – Your Consultants have experience of applying strategy from ground level, this gives them the insight to provide you realistic strategies.


Our Security Consultants have the experience to offer you a realistic solution considering carefully your risk situation, your own expectations, your budget and the timescale.
For companies without a dedicated security specialist, we provide a project by project basis to support your operation, free from issues of payroll and contracts of employment.
Insight Risk Management provides support to small and large companies, public sector institutions, private individuals and diplomats. 

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We are here to help with our wealth of experience and professional integrity.


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 Our Experience
Past and present clients of the Consultancy Division include


  • 5 Star Hotel Chains

  • Global Corporate Entities

  • A-List Celebrities

  • Companies and individuals under threat

  • Auctioneers

  • Foreign Royalty and Political Members

  • Art Galleries

  • Super Yacht Vessel Security

Our Clients approach us for a variety of reasons which have included


  • Event safety and security planning

  • Critical national infrastructure sites

  • Security surveys for home and work environments

  • Maritime and aviation projects

  • Crime reduction strategies

  • Internal investigations

  • Disaster and contingency planning

  • Security review including workforce motivation

  • Incident management and problem solving

  • Asset protection static and mobile


For more information about Security Consulting from Insight Risk Management on any of the below topics, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.



  • Security Survey

    • Physical measures

    • Policy and Procedure

  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

  • Security Audit

  • Emergency Preparation/Disaster Management

  • Penetration Testing and Mystery Customer

  • Development of your existing team



  • Team motivational packages

  • Team skills and training needs assessment

  • Core, advanced and bespoke training packages

  • Investigations

  • Review and writing policies and procedures

  • Security culture promotion

  • Re-tendering third party contractors

  • Complete installation of a new security process


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