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Close Protection

Close Protection

Is my Protection Officer qualified, licensed and properly skilled to protect my assets while portraying the image I need?


This highly skilled profession sets itself apart from the basic manpower of the static officer.
Insight Risk Management provides Close and Executive Protection Officers who are matched to the nature of your needs in specialist qualifications, skills, demeanour and appearance.

They can be used in the traditional form of personally protecting an individual in coordination with executive vehicles, or in high profile environments requiring top tier male and female personnel with exceptional standards.

Close Protection Officers provide protection for your assets ranging from people, premises, high value assets, reputation or intellectual property.

As well as pre-planned deployments, our experience also covers emergency situations where quick thinking officers can take control of a situation using rapid analytical tools and rolling risk assessment.

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We have experience with

  • A-list Celebrities

  • Sports Personalities

  • Corporate Officials

  • Foreign Politicians

  • Threatened Individuals

  • Foreign Royalty

  • High Net Worth Individuals 


For reasons associated with

  • Harassment

  • Association with controversial groups

  • At risk staff terminations

  • Large scale protest

  • Stalkers

  • Position of political significance

  • Working in high risk environments

  • Threat of kidnap

  • Unwanted attention from criminal groups

  • As part of an everyday routine


We also supply

  • Executive travel vehicles

  • Facilitators to arrange and manage a complete travel, business and social itinerary

  • Airport fast track packages

  • Venue Advance Officers

  • Route planning

  • Limousine, staff and baggage vehicles

  • Residential security team


The style of your team will vary accordingly and can be anything from a low key discreet presence to an overt deterrent presence.
The same quality of manpower can be deployed in larger numbers where key operations come under threat, even in remote locations including covert surveillance roles where a proportionate response to a high profile threat is necessary.
Our Protection Officers are fully licensed in accordance with British and international Law.


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